We do NOT have an out-of-zone ballot.  

Your child must be enrolled at Golden Sands School for at least one year to be eligible to stay enrolled if you move out of zone.  If you move out of our school zone, siblings are still eligible to enrol.

The zone boundary will commence from the coastline at a point directly opposite the intersection of Palm Springs Boulevard and Papamoa Beach Road, heading east from numbers 1059 and 1068 Papamoa Beach Road.  It includes all addresses on Motiti Road and Taylor Road.  

The zone currently includes the following streets in the Palm Springs neighbourhood:
Santa Cruz Drive, Saratoga Court, Mandalay Key, Portofina Court, Satori Key, Monticello Key, Santa Maria Key, Palazzo Drive, Ventura Key, Serena Key, Balboa Key, and Pompano Key.

The zone follows from the point where Palm Springs Boulevard meets the Wairakei Stream along a line that extends directly south until it intersects the edge of the Tauranga Eastern Link roadway.  Only addresses on the eastern side of Palm Springs Boulevard are included in the zone.

From a point in the Kaituna River directly opposite the south-eastern end of Bell Road, follow the Kaituna River to the coastline.  Then the coastline north-west to where the zone commenced, ie: at the point on the coastline directly opposite the intersection of Palm Springs Boulevard and Papamoa Beach Road.  The zone does not include any addresses in Bell Road.